The List

Several years ago, my, at the time boyfriend, now husband, and I created a “Life to do list”. We included things like Go on an African Safari, Donate an entire check to charity, see the Northern lights, complete a triathlon… Slowly but surely, and with the help of those around us, (like Thomas who brought us space food to eat after he saw the list) we have been checking items off that list…. I am ready to speed things up a bit; so with inspiration from a college friend, I have created a 30 before 30 list. I have two years and two months until I join the 30 club. I hope to blog about my journey and I look forward to sharing it with you. Some items are very simple, some are also on our life to do list. Although Michael disagrees :), I think this list is manageable and will guide the next two years of our lives….or I hope it does. Blah blah blah… Here is the list in no particular order:

– 1) Front row at a Dave concert
– 2) debt free (minus student loans)
– 3) visit a new state
– 4) canoe/camp/canoe/camp trip
– 5) complete a mud run
– 6) 30 acts of kindness
– 7) wigs for kids
– 8) visit OU
– 9) learn to dance
– 10) go Vegan for 10 days
– 11) learn 10 important life details of each grandma, grandpa, and granddad.
– 12) make homemade ice cream
– 13) romantic weekend getaway
– 14) complete p90x program (might change to a cross fit goal)
– 15) write a letter to my 40 year old self
– 16) go electronic free for one week (other then phone use in cell phone)
– 17) eat (or cook) a 5 course meal
– 18) learn to play a song on the guitar
– 19) host a wine tasting party
– 20) have a legit snow ball fight
– 21) make ten new recipes
– 22) do a back flip
– 23) sew an article of clothing I can wear
– 24) read 2 autobiographies
– 25) Plant a tree
– 26) say how I really feel at least once
– 27) skydive
– 28) One date night a month
Р29) send everyone in family a birthday card from granny’s collection
– 30) own a pair of real diamond earrings