Homemade ice cream, check

Despite no one being available for a snowball fight last weekend, after our dumping Friday, in January I was able to cross off an item from the list, and begin my journey on three more list items.

I learned an important detail of Grandad’s life (my goal is 10, stay tuned for details of them all); sent the January birthdays a card from Granny’s collection (Grandad and Grandpa were the first recipients); and Michael and I went on our first date of the challenge (go on one date a month).

Now onto the item I was able to cross off! Thanks to Pinterest, I found a recipe to make homemade ice cream. It was actually more like a frozen treat, there was no milk or sugar involved, but I decided to try it. (Plus one of me best friends is getting married this summer, and I am making an effort to cut sugar when I can). So the recipe can be found here:


After my first post earlier this month, (I did the math, math is hard, although I teach it now), I figured in order to complete my 30 before 30 challenge, I will have to, on average, complete 1.15 challenges per month. However, if you take the ongoing/more time consuming challenges into consideration (30 acts of kindness, 10 important life details of my grandparents, make 10 new recipes, one date night a month, and send everyone in family card from Grans collection), I have 26 months to complete 24 challenges, averaging less than one a month, this is totally doable! One down, 29 to go!

I am currently looking for suggestions on autobiographies I should read. To my reader friends, let me know if any stick out!

Also, I have decided to change two of the items on the list…. Because I can it’s my list I can do I want! 🙂 Instead of going vegan for a week, I have decided to only consume natural, non-processed foods for a week. And instead of doing the P90X program, I’m going to incorporate another workout routine… including several CrossFit workouts.

Thanks for reading and supporting me….until next time, try to enjoy your life, really!